Here are some positive possibilities:

• In a home that the temporary slowdown in real estate made it possible for you to own… with its value climbing and your equity growing rapidly.

• Living in a larger home with amenities you never expected to have… yours because you acted when others were fearful.

• The owner of a home in one of the nation’s most desirable regions… a good place to live and a smart place to own property.
When the economy slows down, many opportunities present themselves. A homeowner
who is not paralyzed by rumors of bad times can still sell for a reasonable price and purchase a better home. Remember, the shopping is always better when the stores aren’t crowded.

And when the economy slows down, interest rates drop. That’s happening now. Your new mortgage may be a better deal than your current one. No one knows how long this current and very attractive double window of opportunity will remain open: much more affordable home prices than in previous years and lower interest rates.

We’d like to talk to you and explain exactly how the current real estate market can be made to work in your favor… whether you want to buy or sell. Quite simply, we think it’s time to get moving again. Call us today.