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Real Estate in Elk Grove, Folsom, Auburn, Lake of the Pines, Rocklin and surrounding communities can be an exciting and challenging experience. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Take a look at our past clients’ testimonials.

Kathy was thoroughly professional brokering our RE purchase in Lake of the Pines. She maintained clear, concise communications throughout the transaction from offer to close of escrow. Her knowledge, skills, and thoughtful manner were greatly appreciated. We will use her services again for our Real Estate needs.
Christine Spurrell

This is our fourth time using Kathy as our agent – the first was to purchase our first home in Elk Grove in 2002, followed by the purchase of our second home in 2012 and subsequent sale of the Elk Grove home that same year. In 2016 we decided to sell that home and travel for the next year or two, so of course, we called Kathy – always responsive, knowledgeable, flexible, accommodating, friendly – a true real estate professional. All of the transactions went smoothly and she walks you through every step of the process. Highly recommend Kathy to anyone looking to buy or sell in the greater Sacramento area!
Pat & Tanya Grinsell

We chose Kathy to sell our home after hiring another company who failed to listen to our needs. We specifically said we wanted to price our house to sell fast. After several months with no action, Kathy took over the task of selling our home. She met with us to discuss our goals, put the house up for sale the next day and sold the house in less than three days. Kathy listened to us and proceeded to find a buyer quickly for the price we agreed upon. It was no-hassle, easy, and amicable for all parties involved. Kathy followed-through with the closing of the sale easily and the deal was done. Everyone was a winner! I would highly recommend Kathy to any of my friends. She is easy to work with. Her personality and dedication to doing a good job are superior.
Renay Montane

My wife and I were very happy with Kathy and would definitely use her again. She has the unique quality of being both professional and personable. Kathy always looked out for our best interest from a financial perspective, but was at the same time always attentive to our personal needs.
Mark & Dawn Atkinson

We chose Kathy because my family member told me that she was the best and she was!
Mindy Flick

I think Kathy is great. I refer my clients to Kathy because of her excellent service and I know she will take care of them. Her service is the best around.
Jonathan Stein

Kathy was such a joy to work with. When our family situation and needs changed, we called Kathy to sell two homes. Not only did she make such an effort to keep us well informed on the progress and process, she presented two offers on the first home the first day it was on the market, and two offers in two days after the second home was on the market!

Kathy as very patient and explained everything to us. We felt not only so excited to have both houses sold, but better informed and educated from when we first began the process. When we went to look for a new home, Kathy was wonderful at helping to find something that would suit our needs. She stepped up to the plate and asked the sales representatives questions that we certainly didn’t think of.

We would highly recommend Kathy to anyone looking to sell or purchase a home!
Michele McCarville

We’ve done three transactions with Kathy in the last three years. Everything was handled very professionally. We would use Kathy again and recommend her to friends.
Ben & Angela Garvie

I’ve sold and purchased many homes in the past – I was amazed at how smooth and quickly things went with Kathy. She kept me apprised of everything I needed to know during the process and was careful not to burden me with things she could take care of on her own – I really appreciated that with my busy schedule. Kathy went out of her way to make things easy for me, for example, coming to my workplace for me to sign papers etc. It was great! I got the impression that integrity and ethics were very important elements of this company.
Janel Hernandez

A woman of caricature and a lady of class! Kathy made me a deal I could not pass, so I moved in and got settled down. Three years had passed and I had to move, so once again Kathy stood by me, ever so shrewd. She paid off my bills as equity filled my pocket, and for this, she has my heart to keep as a locket. Many, many thanks!
Mr. R.E. Knight

Kathy has successfully navigated me through the process of buying and selling several homes over the past decade. Her unique knowledge of the market, timing and tenacity have enabled me to reap some substantial financial gains while accomplishing these transactions in an atmosphere of comfort and trust. Highly recommended.
Lisa Drury

We know we can rely on Kathy’s expertise, professionalism, and attention to detail; that’s why we’ve chosen her to represent us for our last three real estate transactions.
Mike Bell

I had lived in Lodi since the 1970s and decided to move to Elk Grove to be closer to my best friend and a new job in Sacramento. Kathy was recommended to me by my best friend and, wow, what a wonderful relationship this turned out to be.

I was nervous about moving to new surroundings, but Kathy promised me she wouldn’t show me anything in any neighborhood that she wouldn’t live in. We found THE perfect home for me and my daughter. The home is absolutely lovely and my neighbors are a dream! I couldn’t be happier!

Kathy provided a wonderful real estate experience (buying and selling) and the follow-up paperwork provided helped me immensely when doing my taxes this year. Go with Kathy – you can’t go wrong.
Lynette Bell

As first-time sellers, we were very grateful for the guidance and experience Kathy provided. Her tenacity and attention to every detail resulted in a great sale and the timely closing we needed. Kathy will be the first person we call for any future real estate transactions.
Mike & Barbara McCombe

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