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Buying a home for sale in Elk Grove, Folsom, Auburn, Lake of the Pines, Rocklin and surrounding communities can be an exciting and challenging experience. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

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Education is key and we provide a lot of education before and throughout the home buying process. For our buyers we begin with putting in place a step-by-step personalized process which includes paying off credit cards, starting a savings account for down payment, organizing their timeline to begin their search and involving their family to help. Patience is key with this large of a purchase for all buyers and we are here to help through the fun ride!

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Below are some home buying tips in Elk Grove, Folsom, Auburn, Lake of the Pines, Rocklin and surrounding communities.

A Good Start
When we begin to work with a new buyer, we will sit down with you, ask a number of questions, and listen carefully to your answers. Our purpose during this initial interview is to get a clear idea of what kind of property you are looking for and your approximate price range. We explain how we will function as your representative, what the local market is like, and what we can do to help you locate that perfect home.

It is important for you as a prospective buyer to be as clear as possible about your needs. After we have talked and you have decided how much you can comfortably spend, we will know how to facilitate your home search. We won’t take you through a three-story colonial with a top floor master suite if you want to avoid climbing up and down stairs! Establishing clear communication with our clients helps us save you hours of unfocused house hunting.

A Great Opportunity for First-Time Home Buyers
Home ownership may seem like “the impossible dream” to first-time buyers who have to stretch in order to purchase their first home. Many younger buyers can afford the monthly mortgage payments but may have to get creative to cover the down payment and closing costs.

Contact us if you are thinking about buying your first home. For those whose funds are limited, there may be possibilities you have not considered, such as local or federal loan programs that can help get you moved into your new home. There are many flexible new mortgage loans available to first-time buyers. Sellers are sometimes willing to extend a small loan to help cover closing costs in order to complete the sale.

You can also consider the many housing options available. There are beautiful condominiums and townhouses with desirable amenities and prices that are designed to appeal to first-time buyers who cannot yet afford a single-family detached home.

A Matter of Timing
Buying real estate can sometimes involve tricky timing. For example, you may have found the perfect house and are thinking about making an offer, but are feeling pressured to make a decision just when you want time to consider the matter. The agent tells you that another party is thinking about making an offer, so you shouldn’t hesitate if you really want the house. What should you do? Trust us as your agent!

It is natural to feel some pressure – and some uncertainty about making an offer. If you really like a house, there is always the possibility that someone else will share your enthusiasm for it. Whether your local market is active or sluggish, it is sensible to assume that another offer is likely to come in. Perhaps you can afford to sleep on it, but moving as quickly as possible will minimize the possibility that the house will go to another buyer.

A Realistic Evaluation
Our job is to find you the perfect home, in the right location, with all the amenities you want – and at the right price. It is the home inspector’s job to find any skeletons in the closet – or in the plumbing, wiring, roof, basement, and beams.

The inspector won’t pass or fail a home based on what he or she finds, but will go over the house thoroughly to help you understand the condition of the property you are buying. If there are any serious problems, your inspector can give you a realistic idea of how much the repairs will cost. If there are material defects that were not reflected in the asking price, you will have the opportunity to re-open negotiations with your sellers before you commit to the purchase. A good inspector will also explain the operation of the basic emergency systems such as the main water cut-off valve and the circuit breaker box and will go over items that will need routine maintenance.

If you are buying a house, we recommend that you make a professional home inspector part of your home purchase team.

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