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Selling a home in Elk Grove, Folsom, Auburn, Lake of the Pines, Rocklin and surrounding communities can be an exciting and challenging experience.

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Our special and personalized gesture that we do as a seller’s agent would be that we take Sellers to homes currently on the market to preview as their competition not only for pricing, but to consider location, show ability, staging and amenities that would compete against their upcoming listing BEFORE we place their home on the market and determine a price. This gives them a much better perspective as to who may be their direct competition and motivate them to want to obtain a sale BEFORE their neighbors do! We implement major marketing on all listings, including open houses within two weeks, canvas neighborhood with just listed cards, plus a host of other online activities.

Handle Needed Repairs Early
There is a standard chain of events that occurs when an offer comes in on a home. After a meeting of the minds, the buyer often brings in a home inspector who may find a few items that need to be repaired. The real estate agent gives the homeowner a list of the requested repairs. What comes next?

In most transactions, the seller will take care of the repairs. Many sellers wait until the week before the closing to call someone to do the work because they want to be sure that they are going to make it to the closing table before they spend money on repair work. If you are responsible for making repairs to a home you are selling, make sure you have the work done well in advance of the closing date by licensed professionals who will stand behind their work. If the work is done at the last minute and is incomplete or unsatisfactory, it could cause complications at the closing. You should provide the buyers with all the receipts and the names of the persons to contact in case there is a problem with the repairs.

Improving To Sell
Many homeowners wait until they are ready to put their home on the market before painting, planting flowers, and making other improvements to their homes. After completing these improvements, they may be so delighted with the results that they wish they had done the work on their home sooner in order to enjoy the changes.

Whether you have recently purchased a home or have been settled in your home for several years, you should consider evaluating the condition of your house as if you planned to sell it soon. Maximize your home’s “curb appeal” now, so that you will reap the benefits every time you pull into your driveway. Plant those flowers and bulbs and you will have your fresh flowers on your own dining room table. Add new window treatments to freshen the appearance of the main rooms. If your house needs an upgraded kitchen, go ahead with the renovation. You will enhance your whole neighborhood and experience the pleasure of living in a more beautiful and fully functional home.

First Impressions
Good curb appeal is a major plus when it comes to marketing a home. A little bit of work on the front of your home can pay big dividends.

When a potential buyer pulls up in front of your house, their first impression is absolutely crucial. Sometimes buyers won’t even look at a home with droopy shutters, sagging gutters, peeling paint and a bumper crop of dandelions in the front yard. Or they might go in expecting to find a fixer-upper that could be purchased at a bargain price. If a house looks neat and cared for from the street, the initial good impression will carry over as the buyers step inside. It is not necessary to hire a professional landscaper, but listen to your real estate agent’s suggestions when you list your home. Local nurseries can help you select blooming plants that will thrive in your area. Keep the lawn mowed, and regardless of the season, take care of exterior maintenance. Strong curb appeal will help your home sell more quickly and for top dollar.

A Beautiful Yard
Many people wait until they are about to sell their home before they put energy and attention into improving the landscaping. Then in a desperate attempt to create instant curb appeal, they call in a professional landscaper and spend a lot of money making the yard beautiful for the next owners to enjoy.

Why wait until you are ready to move to enhance your surroundings? Even if you don’t want to take on a major project, you can plant a few bushes and bulbs each year. You can get plants that bloom at different times of the year, many of which don’t need a tremendous amount of care. There are several benefits to this approach. You will be able to enjoy your improvements yourself, and you will profit more from your sale if you haven’t invested a lot of money in your yard right before the transaction. Well-landscaped lawns tend to increase the real estate values in the whole neighborhood, and can result in a more rapid increase in the equity you have in your home!

The Sniff Test
The sense of smell is a powerful motivator. When prospective buyers walk into a house, they respond more positively if they smell freshly baking oatmeal cookies instead of the lingering odor of a household pet.

As the homeowner, you may not notice odors that visitors are aware of as soon as they walk in the door. When your house is for sale, ask a friend or neighbor to give it a sniff test. If there are offensive odors in your home, how do you get rid of them?

There are a few simple solutions–giving the floors and walls a good scrubbing, using the old vanilla-on-the-light-bulb trick, plugging in an essential oil diffuser and throwing out the dog’s special chair. You may need professional help for cleaning carpets and drapes or deodorizing walls and wood floors. Your real estate agent will be able to provide you with a list of cleaning services which can assist you in making your home smell clean and fresh.

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Medicare is complex and can be confusing, if you choose the wrong plan, supplemental insurance, or prescription coverage, then your budget or lifestyle could be affected. If you don’t get enrolled at the appropriate time (your enrollment period) there could be penalties involved.

With my knowledge and expertise, I can help you understand your Medicare options and get you the care you need—wherever your life journey takes you. Please understand that I do not charge you a fee for helping you enroll or by providing my expertise. I am here to help guide you through this process.

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